• The customer hereby declares that the information provided by them in this form is true, correct and complete in all respects and authorize Federal Bank, SBI Card & Payment Services Private Limited (” SBICPSL”) or its affiliates & associates to verify any information provided by them or to verify their information from credit bureau. The customer hereby advises that they are maintaining their Account with Federal Bank and on the strength of this account they are applying for an SBI Credit card. The customer hereby authorizes Federal Bank to share the information of any account required by SBI Card solely for the purpose of issuance SBI Credit card in their name. The customer also authorizes international Usage to be enabled on their card.
  • The customer has read and understood the contents of this SBI Credit Card application form, Most Important Document and accepts the Arbitration clause in the Cardholder Agreement and hereby apply to SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt. Limited (“SBICPSL”) for the issuance of a Primary/ Additional Credit Card (“Card”). The customer confirms that they have received and read the MITC (Most Important Terms & Conditions at https://www.sbicard.com/en/most-important-terms-and-conditions.page) and product details and is aware that it is available for reference on the SBI Card website, sbicard.com. The MITC provided is in English language and they are fully conversant with English to understand the MITC and would request SBI Card to provide any further information in English language.
  • Notwithstanding any earlier instructions given by them, the customer hereby authorizes SBICPSL and express their consent for sharing any information pertaining to them (details mentioned in the application form and/ or any other document, transaction details) to Federal Bank or such person, organization , agency as SBICPSL may deem necessary and also consents and authorizes Federal Bank or SBICPSL to send them SMS/email alerts or make calls on their Registered mobile number for the purposes of operation of the card, marketing and offering of various products and services of SBICPSL through agent(s) and/or any third party(ies) or any of the product(s) of its group companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, cobrand partners.
  • Federal Bank or SBI Cards and Payments Services Private Limited shall not be responsible for any subsequent withdrawals of the benefits on the contributions made by the Cobrand Card Partner and related entities under this programme. Accordingly, SBICPSL specifically disclaims any liabilities on any matters arising therefrom. All documents submitted in support of the application shall become the sole and absolute property of SBICPSL. The customer understands that Date of Birth mentioned on the PAN Card will be treated as the final one for SBI Card application processing.
  • The customer is maintaining a Savings Bank Account with the Federal Bank and they hereby unconditionally and irrevocably authorize the Federal Bank to (i) share the details of the transactions in their above Account with SBICPSL, (ii) to debit their above Account and to set off the balance in the said account at any point of time towards outstanding balance payable on the SBI Credit Card by them to SBICPSL ,if the dues payable by them on the SBI Credit Card remains unpaid and/or becomes overdue for more than 3 days, even if the balance in their above SB account becomes zero. The customer further agrees that the Federal Bank will not be held liable for dishonor of cheques and/or consequent loss suffered or incurred by them on account of such debit or set-off effected by the Bank from their SB account. The customer further agrees that if they make direct repayment of the dues /balance payable if any to SBICPSL in the intervening period after such debit/set-off, the excess payment received by SBICPSL will be directly settled between SBICPSL and them by way of refund from their credit card account, as per the prevailing policies of SBICPSL and Federal Bank shall have no liability whatsoever in this regard.
  • The customer(s) hereby also instruct us to debit from their savings/salary savings accounts with such amounts as may be requested by SBICPSL from time to time against the payment of their SBI Cards. They choose to pay their monthly SBI Credit card Total Amount Due (TAD) or Minimum Amount Due (MAD) subject to funds available in their saving/ salary saving account.
  • The customer hereby confirms that they shall not dispute any amount so debited from their aforementioned Bank account, pursuant to the request raised by SBICPSL. The customer(s) shall not revoke or cancel this Mandate, without giving prior written notice of less than 30 days to both, the Bank and SBICPSL.