Account Opening


Any Resident Indian who is citizen of India as per FEMA guidelines & above 18 years provides
his/her details in the application form for opening account offered by Federal Bank is a Customer.

By providing his/her details, customer confirms to have read, understood and agree to be bound
to/ abide by the Terms and Conditions of account opening and the general terms applicable to
account as available on Bank’s website at

By sharing all the information, customer consents to provide his/her name, contact details and
other information on an at will basis with Bank.

Bank shall not be liable for any connectivity/ signal/ data issues leading to non-completion or
wrong/false/incomplete information being provided by the customer leading to the incompletion
of his/her application.

The customer herewith confirms that he/she is providing his/ her Valid Aadhaar number
voluntarily. The Customer further agrees to provide his/her Valid PAN. He/she understands that
opening an account is subject to correct, complete and accurate information is provided.

Customer agrees that the name in the account will be the name as per his/her name mentioned
in Aadhaar Card.

Application once submitted cannot be withdrawn by the customer. Bank shall not be liable to pay
for any costs (technical/ data plan related or otherwise) incurred by the customer in the course
of sharing his/her details on the application.

The customer herewith agrees to provide the accurate documentation and information as listed
in the application for the purpose of account opening. Customer understands and agrees that
failure to provide requisite documentation and information shall result in rejection of application
by the Bank. The customer agrees that Bank has every right to reject the account opening
application, if there is any erroneous, incomplete or misleading information provided by the
customer or for any other reason whatsoever with/without assigning any reason or if KYC
documents submitted do not comply with the KYC norms of the Bank.

The customer understands that completing OTP based e-KYC is a pre-requisite for proceeding with Account opening via EKYC

Customer agrees to provide all relevant information required like personal details and income
details for completing account opening process.

Bank also reserves all the right to reject the account opening request if any discrepancy is
identified in the customer identification process.

This Account opening process is not available for existing Federal Bank customers who have
customer IDs with the bank.

This account opening process is also not available for customers who are FATCA reportable. Such
customers are requested to approach the branch and to comply with requirement of opening an

Bank reserves the right to take necessary action, legal or otherwise, if it finds any willful
modification/ withholding of information or misrepresentation by the customer.

Customer understands and agrees that interest on the amount funded online will be paid subject
to activation of the account and only from the date when the funds has been credited into the

The customer shall not enjoy the services provided by the bank unless the customer onboarding
process is complete.

Customer declares and confirms that the Bank shall be entitled to rely on all/any communication,
information and details provided on the electronic form and all such communications,
information and details shall be final and legally binding on the Customer.

Customer understands and confirms that the Bank has every right to close or debit freeze the
account, if the details provided by him/her are found to be inaccurate, incorrect or false by the
Bank or for any other reason whatsoever without assigning any reason thereof. In such an event
the bank shall not be liable to pay any interest on the amount of deposit & the refund of amount
deposited in the account will be refunded to the source account. In such an event, bank will retain
the documents / Photographs (if any) and any other signed document submitted.

Account opening via FedMobile is available for opening a savings account by Resident Indian
Individuals only.

The Bank reserves the right to cancel the Customer ID and close the Account Number (A/C)
allotted to the customer, if the customer does not complete the verification process within the
allotted time.

The Bank reserves the right to hold the accounts in Debit Freeze or close the Account even after
account activation in case of any discrepancy found as part of regular monitoring and documentverification activities.

The customer agrees to provide the necessary details (Mobile number, Email ID etc.,) as per his
requirement at the time of submission of details through the application. Bank shall not bear any
liability for any loss arising on account of inaccuracy or mistake on the part of the customer whilefilling up the Mobile Number/Email id etc.

The customer herewith agrees to be contacted by the bank to receive information in respect ofaccount maintenance, alerts, payments due, updates on existing and new products, servicing ofaccount for sales, marketing or servicing their relationship with Federal Bank, its group Companies/associates or agents through Telephone/Mobile/SMS/Email etc. Further he/she understands that the consent to receive calls/communications shall be valid and shall prevail overtheir current or any subsequent registration of their mobile number for NDNC and shall continueto be treated as customer consent/acceptance.

The customer authorizes Bank to share his/her mobile number with mobile operators to
Communicate alerts, OTPs and transaction messages.

The customer authorizes the Bank to share his/her address with Bank’s authorized filed agents toverify the customer’s address at any point in time.

The customer herewith agrees that if the application is rejected, Bank will retain the documents
/ Photographs and any other signed document submitted by the customer on the application or

The customer confirms that the account is being opened by him/her for his/her own use and thatthe mobile number, SIM & device used for opening the account belongs to him and same havenot been shared by him with any other individual. The customer further confirms that he has notshared the credentials pertaining to the account opening with any other person. In case of anydiscrepancy, the bank reserves the right to block or close the account without any notice.