FedMobile – Terms and Conditions


In this document the following words and phrases have the meaning set below unless the context indicates otherwise:

“Account(s)” shall mean bank account and /or any other type of account so maintained by the Customer with The Federal Bank Ltd or any of its Affiliate for which the Facility is being offered or may be offered in future (each an “Account” and collectively “Accounts”).

“Customer”” shall mean a customer of the Bank or any person who has applied for any product/ service of the Bank.

The ” Bank ” shall mean The Federal Bank Ltd, a Banking company constituted under Banking Regulation Act, 1949 having its registered office at Federal Towers, Aluva, Kerala.

“Facility or FedMobile” shall mean mobile banking facility provided by the Bank, which enables the customers to access specified banking services including information relating to their Account(s), transaction details and such other services as may be made available by the Bank from time to time.

“Mobile Phone Number” shall mean the last updated mobile number of the Customer in the records of the Bank, used by the customer to register for the Facility.

“Personal Information” shall mean the information about the Customer obtained in connection with the Facility.

“Website” refers to www.federalbank.co.in,  https://fedmobile.federalbank.co.in,  or any other website as may be notified by The Bank from time to time.

“MPIN” shall mean the Personal Identification Number (Password) for the Mobile Banking Service.

“Alert(s)” means the customised messages sent to the Customer over his mobile phone as short messaging service (“SMS”) in response to the Triggers sent by the Customer.

“Alert/Push Facility” shall mean the service provided by The Bank wherein a Customer can obtain specific information pertaining to his Account on his Mobile Phone number.

“Request/Pull Facility” shall mean facility through which Customers will be able to make requests about their Accounts by sending “key words” through SMS/ Encrypted SMS, GPRS, USSD, etc. to Mobile Phone Number provided by The Bank for the purpose.

“Triggers” means the customised triggers that are required to be set by the Customer with The Bank which shall enable The Bank to send the Alerts relating to his Account.

“Mobile Banking Menu” shall mean the mobile banking application which can be installed on the mobile phone handset to access information pertaining to the Account(s), by keying in digits representing the relevant menu options.

“GPRS” shall mean the General Packet Radio Service.

“M Commerce facility” – Facility for payment for purchases on internet/ Utility payment through Fed Mobile facility.

“lnventory” – Flight seats, bus seats and hotel rooms related inventory available with ibibo Group Private Limited being displayed in travel module of the application.

In this document all reference to Customer in masculine gender shall be deemed to include the feminine gender.


These terms and conditions together with the application made by the Customer and as accepted by The Bank shall form the contract between the Customer and The Bank, and shall be further subject to such terms as The Bank may agree with the other service providers. These terms and conditions shall be in addition to and not in derogation of the terms and conditions governing the Telebanking facility, FedNet, ATM/ Debit Card Facility and those relating to any Account of the Customer and /or any other product/services provided by The Bank and its Affiliates.


“The Customer shall apply to the Bank for availing the Facility (and/or for any changes to the options availing under the Facility) in the specified application form and/or by any other method as provided by the Bank from time to time for use of the facility. The Bank may provide an option to the Customers who are sole account holders to apply for the Facility through the FedMobile Application by authentication with FedNet/ATM credentials. Application for the Facility shall be accepted only after authentication of the Customer through any mode of verification as may be decided at the discretion of the Bank.


  • All customers having satisfactory running Savings/ Current account can avail of this service.
  • The Customer desirous of using the Facility should be either a sole Account holder or authorised to act independently.
  • The facility will be available in case of joint accounts, only if the mode of operation is indicated as ‘either or survivor’ or ‘anyone or survivor’. For these joint accounts, only one account holder of the joint account holders will be allowed to avail the facility. The other joint account holder(s) shall expressly agree with this arrangement and give their consent on the application form to authorize the customer to avail the services. In case of any of the joint account holder(s) gives “stop payment” instructions or such other instructions in respect of operations through the use of the facility in writing, with a view to curtail, regulate, restrict, suspend or stop the operations by the other account holders through the use of facility on any of the accounts held jointly by them, the facility would be discontinued and restoration of the facility would be considered at the sole discretion of the Bank, only on the joint request of all account holders. All or any transactions arising from the use of the Facility in the joint account shall be binding on all the joint account holders, jointly and severally.
  • An Account in the name of the Minor or an account in which one of the joint account holders is a minor or an account where the mode of operation is joint, shall not be eligible for the Facility”
  • The activation process of the Facility shall be carried out based on the parameters fixed by The Bank from time to time. Two SMS’ shall be initiated from the Customer’s mobile device with the Mobile Phone Number, to The Bank’s application server for verification. The Customer shall bear the costs for the SMS’ as charged by the respective mobile service provider.
  • A minor customer above the age of 10 years maintaining a savings account with the Bank under single mode of operation, shall be eligible for this Facility.
  • An Account in which one of the joint account holders is a minor or an account where the mode of operation is joint, shall not be eligible for the Facility.


  • The last updated mobile number in the records of The Bank would be the registered Mobile number for the facility. The Customer agrees to use the facility on a Mobile Phone properly and validly registered in his/ her name only with the Mobile Service provider and undertakes to use the Facility only through Mobile number which has been used to register for the Facility.
  • Currently, Mobile Banking Facility is not offered for two Mobile numbers for the same account.
  • All accounts linked to a same Customer ID can be registered for the Facility, but the primary Saving / Current account of the customer will be the Primary account of the Facility.
  • The Bank reserves the right to reject a customer’s application for the Facility without assigning any reasons.
  • Entering the wrong MPIN thrice will block the Facility to the account for the day and three such consecutive blockages will deactivate the customer and the customer should re-register for the facility as per the procedure laid down for the same.
  • The Customer is responsible for intimating to The Bank any change in his Mobile Phone Number or email address or Account details and The Bank will not be liable for sending Alerts or other information over the Customer’s mobile phone number/email address /fax number recorded with The Bank.
  • Stay Safe. Beware of Phishing Emails/SMS. Never share your ATM card details/PINs/OTPs/Passwords with anyone. सुरक्षित रहेंफ़िशिंग ईमेल / एसएमएस से सावधान रहें! कभी भी अपने एटीएम कार्ड का विवरण / पिन / ओटीपी / पासवर्ड किसी के साथ साझा न करें। സുരക്ഷിതമായി ഇരിക്കുക ! ഫിഷിംഗ് ഇമെയിലുകൾ / എസ് എം എസ് എന്നിവ സൂക്ഷിക്കുക. നിങ്ങളുടെ എ ടി എം കാർഡ് വിവരങ്ങൾ / പിൻ / ഒ ടി പി / പാസ്‌വേഡുകൾ ആരുമായും പങ്കിടരുത്.


The Bank shall endeavour to provide to the Customer through the Facility, such services as The Bank may decide from time to time. The Bank reserves the right to decide what services may be offered to a Customer on each Account and such offers may differ from Customer to Customer. The Bank may also make additions / deletions to the services offered through the Facility at its sole discretion. The Facility is made available to the Customer at his request, at the sole discretion of The Bank and may be discontinued by The Bank at any time, without notice. The Bank shall have the discretion to offer the Facility to Non-Resident Indians subject to applicable laws. The instructions of the Customer shall be affected only after authentication of the Customer by means of verification of the Mobile Phone Number and/or through verification of MPIN/ password allotted by The Bank to the Customer or through any other mode of verification as may be stipulated at the discretion of The Bank.


All instructions for availing the services under the Facility shall be provided through the Mobile Phone Number in the manner indicated by The Bank. Where the Bank considers the instructions to be inconsistent or contradictory it may seek clarification from the Customer before acting on any instruction of the Customer or act upon any such instruction as it may deem fit. The Customer and The Bank shall have the right to suspend the services under the Facility if The Bank has reason to believe that the Customer’s instructions may lead to direct or indirect loss or may require an indemnity from the Customer before continuing to operate the Facility. The Customer accepts that all information /instructions will be transmitted to and /or stored at various locations and be accessed by personnel of The Bank (and its Affiliates). The Bank is authorised to provide any information or details relating to the Customer or to third party to facilitate the providing of the Facility and so far as is necessary to give effect to any instructions. The Customer accepts that each Alert may contain certain Account information relating to the Customer. The Customer authorises The Bank to send Account related information, though not specifically requested, if The Bank deems that the same is relevant. The Bank shall not be held responsible for the confidentiality, secrecy and security of the Personal or Account information being sent through the Facility.


  • A minor customer above the age of 10 years maintaining a savings account with the Bank under single mode of operation, shall be eligible for this Facility.
  • The mobile number used by the minor customer shall be unique for the Account and should not be available in any other customer ID and the minor customer shall always remain as the sole operator of the Account. In case the mobile number is added to any other customer ID after the activation of the Facility by the minor customer, the Facility shall be automatically disabled for the Minor customer.
  • The Facility can be activated by the minor customer through the Debit Card issued for the Account provided all other terms regarding activation have been fully satisfied.
  • All transactions made via such accounts shall be capped to Rs. 2500/- (Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred Only) with a daily upper cap of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only). These limits may be revised by the Bank at any time at its sole discretion and a notice to this effect shall be made available at the Website of the Bank.
  • Minor customers will not be permitted to make loan requests/loan applications.
  • Minor customers shall be eligible to open and close deposits subject to the applicable terms . Notwithstanding anything else contained in these Terms and Conditions, minor customers are not permitted to nominate any individual as nominee for the deposits on the Facility and shall approach the Bank for the same.
  • The Bank disclaims all warranties and/or guarantees in relation to the payments being made by the minor customers under the Facility and the Minor customers shall be solely responsible for any/all transactions that are made under the Facility.


The Bank shall specify from time to time the upper limit that may be transferred by the Customer for the above mentioned Facility through the Bank’s Website. If the above mentioned Facility is made available to the Customer, it may be used for transfer of funds from Account/s to other accounts belonging to third parties maintained at The Bank and/or at any other Bank which falls under the network of Reserve Bank of India’s Electronic Fund Transfer or National Electronic Fund Transfer system or Real Time Gross Settlement. In such an event, the terms applicable to such facilities, in addition to this facility, shall be applicable. The liability of The Bank shall only commence subsequent to the debit in the Customer’s account.

The Bank may at its sole discretion provide an option to its Customers using FedMobile Facility to request or send money to their contacts who are using FedMobile Facility. Thus, a Customer using FedMobile Facility will have information if any of his contacts are using FedMobile Facility and vice versa. The Customer accordingly agrees and accords consent to the Bank to disclose information to any person (using FedMobile Facility), who has added the Customer as his contact, to the effect that the Customer is a user of FedMobile Facility.


The Bank may introduce Bill payment facility/ M-commerce facility through the Mobile Banking Facility, which the Customer can avail after registering for the same. The bank shall not be liable for any disconnection or disruption in the supply of services or purchase of goods to the Customer from the Payee Service Provider/ Seller. The customer is required to contact the Service provider/ Seller if he experiences any such disconnection/ disruption in the service provided/ any complaint regarding the purchase made. The Bank may at any time, at its sole discretion, vary the list of approved merchant establishments/ Payee Service providers from the list without providing any reason and shall not be liable for any loss or damage which the customer may suffer as a result.