For the modules Flights, Cabs, Bus & Hotels, the App will re direct to Merchant SDK of CDNA Technologies Private Limited (“CDNA”). By clicking “Agree and Continue”, you shall be re-directed to a platform controlled by a third party [CDNA Technologies Private Limited (“CDNA”) whose brand name is “Nuclei”]. The Bank shall disclose the following details to Nuclei for availing this service and it shall be deemed that you have accorded consent to the Bank for sharing the details to Nuclei.

  • Mobile No
  • Device ID

All services offered through the platform are facilitated by Nuclei and Federal Bank’s role is limited to providing of payments/fund transfer facility. By availing the services, it shall be deemed that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions of the Services of the Platform available at Nuclei had partnered with Cleartrip for Hotels and Flights, Redbus for Bus and Ola for Cabs.