Beneficiary Management

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Easier, Faster, & Much Better Way to Send Money!

Do you have to make regular or frequent payments to a particular payee? You can now easily add the payee’s UPI ID to your beneficiary list and make payments faster than usual. Download FedMobile app to adopt a new approach towards making payments.

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How to add a ‘UPI ID’ to your
beneficiary list? 

  1. Login to the FedMobile app, tap ‘BHIM UPI’ on the Home screen, and select ‘Beneficiary Management.’
  2. Tap the ‘Add Beneficiary’ button under UPI Id tab.
  3. Enter the ‘UPI ID’ and verify it.
  4.  Approve the beneficiary by verifying your debit card or net banking details.
Important Note:

Tap the ‘menu’ icon on the right-hand side of each beneficiary to add them to favourites, edit the details, delete the beneficiary, view the transactions or approve the beneficiary if not done already.

Not able to view the feature in FedMobile ?

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