Features of FedMobile

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Know What Features are Available for You

If you are unable to access a few features in the new FedMobile app, it may be because you have chosen to access the app as one the users described below. Have a look at the table and you will know what all features are available for you to access. Please note that FedMobile wallet will be made available shortly. 

Top Features

Use FedMobile with
Credit Card
Use FedMobile with
UPI Facility
Use FedMobile with
Wallet Only Facility
Send Money to Mobile Number
Send Money to Account Number
Send Money to Self-Account
Send Money to MMID
Send Money to UPI ID
Request Money
Cabs, Hotels, Bus, Flights Booking
Request for Loans
Scan N Pay
Bill Payment
Religious Offerings

Know What Features are Available for You

Download Certificates
See Cheque Clearing
Download Account Statement
View all Loans
Schedule Payment
Invest in Mutual Funds
Open Deposits
Expense Manager
Gift card
IDBI Federal Insurance
Invest in Digital Gold
Forex Card
Credit Card
Place Cheque Book Request
Card Management
Register for 15 G/H

Well, open an Account with
Federal Bank using the new FedMobile app in seconds & get access to all the features instantly.