Recurring Deposit

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Regular Small Deposits for Fixed Big Savings

“Little drops make the mighty ocean!” Let your savings grow with you by investing small but investing regularly. Download the FedMobile app to avail banking services from home. Open an RD online using the FedMobile app to open the doors to good fortune.

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How to open a Recurring Deposit using FedMobile?

  1. Login to the FedMobile app, tap on ‘Investments’ at the bottom bar of the Home screen, and go to ‘Bank Deposits.’
  2. Select Recurring Deposit and proceed.
  3. Enter the amount; select a scheme and the time period.
  4. Select the date to debit the amount and proceed.
  5. Select Debit Acocunt, confirm details and enter MPIN to confirm the deposit.

Important Note:

You can view the details of all the investments by visiting the ‘My Investments’ tab under Investments feature in the app.

Not able to view the feature in FedMobile ?

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